Cold Fuzion: Oneohtrix Point Never and Nate Boyce's top 10 fusion jams

Oneohtrix Point Never and video-artist Nate Boyce pick 10 highlights from the world of fusion jams. Break out the Synth-Axe.

Lest we forget, fusion used to be the shit. Dads everywhere melted faces on the regular to the 7/8-time grooves of dudes like Allan Holdsworth, Return To Forever, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Stanley Clarke, Jon-Luc Ponty, Jaco Pastorius, Weather Report, et al. to infinity - until the wee hours or at least until the dope ran out. Before we do too much reminiscing about loves once lost however, let's also remember that fusion is still the shit. Oneohtrix Point Never and video artist Nate Boyce celebrate the fearless groups that, God forbid, dared to combine the styles of jazz, funk, pop and progressive rock with this special video tribute to fusion jams. In no particular order, of course.

 1. Allan Holdsworth - Looking Glass (Live in Frankfurt, 1986)

2. Shakti with John McLaughlin - Le Danse Du Bonheur (Live, 1976)


3. Frank Gambale - Spike's Song (Legato Records, 1987)

4. The Chick Corea Elektrik Band - Elektrik City (GRP Records, 1986) 

5. Michael Hedges - Aerial Boundaries (Windham Hill Records, 1984)

6. Michael Brecker - Live performance on Akai EWI (Electric Wind Instrument)

7. Animated CGI Neil Peart - YYZ

8. Van Halen - Diver Down feat. Jan Hammer (Live, 1982)

9. Billy Cobham - Moon Germs (Live in Switzerland, 1981)

10. Stanley Clarke - School Days (Live in Bratislava, 1985)

By Daniel Lopatin on November 21, 2011