Roye'l Weekend: Peanut Butter Wolf's Top Videos From People Without a Record Out

Los Angeles based Stones Throw captain Peanut Butter Wolf selects 18 musical snippets from folks living the dream - sans a record deal.

1. Roye'L - I Found A Girl (Dallas 1989)
I've been obsessed with Roye'l since I first had this one forwarded to me by Ras G from Low End Theory. I'm guessing 1989 due to the shoulder pads, but who knows. I did a little research on him and found out he moved to China and has lived there for years as a TV host for a music show, but I reached out to him and never heard back. Bummer!!!!

Roye'L - "I Found A Girl" (Cable Access Performance)

2. Jarell Charles - Soft Bouncing, Bouncy Curls (St Louis 1983)
The synths are so catchy and it's like a shuffle rhythm like "Body Language" by Queen. You don't hear enough of those these days. I'd kill to get a better quality version of this one.

Jarrell's St Louis black barbershop beauty salon 1980's.

3. Mark Gormley - Little Wings (Pensicola 2007)
A lot of these videos frustrate the hell out of me cuz they're so good and their view count is so low, but at least with Mark, he's over a million on "Without You" and inching along with this one too. My four and six year old nephews loved it. 

Little Wings - Mark Gormley

4. Ify Idola Cilik Rcti - Tomorrow (live performance recently?)
I was trying to find the video for the Tevin Campbell version and stumbled across this one from Indonesia. I like the performance cuz she's not overdoing it. I hate when people "oversing" when they do covers. I wish MJ did a version of this one too, although you can't get mad at the Brothers Johnson version.


5. Brandon Rose - Hold Up The Light (Michigan 2008) and David Chandler, four year old bass player.
I've been playing these in my VJ sets lately and people get really quiet and focused.

Brandon Rose 10 year old Bass Guitar riff

6. Justin - Magic (orginally by Side On) (Norfolk, VA 2007)
I found Justin because I was on Steve Arrington's Facebook page and read a comment directed at him from Penny Ford and decided to look her up on YouTube and found one of her songs on this guys' YouTube channel dedicated to the 80's and 90's soul/funk/boogie/disco. It's mostly overlooked major label songs or videos from back then, but every now and then, he posts his own karaoke performances. He kinda sounds like Madonna. He mainly only does covers of females (like Jane Child, the Cover Girls, Sister Sledge, etc) and usually people laugh at him, but I love his confidence to go up there and be himself and also put it up on YouTube.

80's Boogie/Funk "Magic" (Side On) sung by Justin

7. Malaria! - Geld (Germany 1982)
This probably doesn't count cuz this came out as a record too, but some rules need to be broken. This goth/industrial all female band seemed to break rules anyway.

Malaria: Geld/Money

8. VSQ - Share Your Love  (Public Access NY 1985)
Only 43 views and 0 comments so far (at the time of this writing). Maybe I should leave a comment!

[Ed. Note - Sorry folks, this video is currently down for copywrite infringement claims. Must be good.]

9. Lucille Cataldo - Hairdresser (Stairway To Stardom NY 1984)
There's a lot of hits on this series, but this Hillary Clinton look-a-like probably takes it.

Stairway To Stardom (1984) - Lucille Cataldo "Hairdresser"

10. Superstar & Star - I Want Your Love (Omaha 1990s?)
They got 73 videos and I'll be damned if I don't watch every one of them sometime between today and when I die. Couldn't believe they were from Omaha, NE and I was just there a month ago. Damnit.


11. Members Only Crew - You're Not Down (Public Access SF 1985)
Video starts at the 0:27 mark by the way. This group was my favorite local rap group back then.

Members Only Crew - Live

12. Television Child AKA Daniel Berthiaume - Neon Dance (Montreal 1982)
This one man band performed a few of those songs on the Montreal's Musi-Video show. He does new age music these days.

Television Child on Musi-Video Show take 3

13. Judi Sheppard Missett - Move Your Boogie Body (Aerobics Video 1982)
She likes to hear herself talk. Gotta watch the whole thing with this one as she gets really going towards the end.

Jazzercise - Move your Boogie Body 1982

14. Kraftwerk - Numbers (New Dance Show Detroit 1991)
All the New Dance Show stuff is fascinating. It's the Soul Train line with screaming and yelling and whistles and kids. Anything goes. I've never been at a party that live before.


15. Lin Yu Chun - I Will Always Love You (Taiwanese national TV recently)
So delicate like a veal.

ORIGINAL: Taiwanese Boy Lin Yu Chun Sings I Will Always Love You

16. T Baby - Cold In The D (Detroit 2008)
I can't believe there's 5,000 likes and 8,000 dislikes. That's why I can't worry about what people think when I put out records.

It's So Cold in the D

17. Hasan Baba - Apache Dance (his family room 2011)
I saw this one when it came out in February and haven't seen or heard about it since and now it's at a whopping 7 million views. 56,000 likes and 1,000 dislikes. There is hope for humanity.


18. Some Lady And Her Husband - Where Is The Love? (their family room 2008)
Since you'll probably never see a live version with Donny Hathaway and Roberta Flack. 

Where is the Love - Donny Hathaway Roberta Flack

By Peanut Butter Wolf on November 14, 2011

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