CCTV: Cha Cha’s “Dope Chinese Music You’ve Never Heard”

Shanghai-based 2011 participant Cha Cha picks 10 of her favorite slices from the modern Chinese musical landscape. In no particular order, of course

Here is some Chinese music that I like. I wish I could find more, but there is not a ton of it on YouTube. Maybe I will upload some in the future, but here are 10 songs you can check out first!!

 1. 阴三儿 (IN3) - 我不管

IN3 is from Beijing and have been very important for the Chinese underground hip hop scene. This track is from their first album, 'Unknown Artists'.

2. SIG - Over The Crowd

The Chinese producer SIG is from Qingdao. This track is from his first album 'Sad Mirror'.

3. AM444 - 神经末梢 (Shen Jing Mo Shao)

From AM444 (Jay.Soul+Cha Cha)'s first EP, 'Eye Wonder'.

4. Jiang Liang  - Pure Asian Dub

Jiang Liang has a Chinesefresh sound!!!!!!! Amazing dub producer!

5. 精氣神 肥寶 (KidGod) -靈魂計劃 (MV feat. Uprooted Sunshine)

A CHEE produced tune from Guangzhou featuring the Shanghai reggae soundsystem, Uprooted Sunshine. Killer track!

6. 钟茌 (Zhong Chi) - 天使的眼睛 (Angel Eyes)

Chinese trip-hop singer Zhong Chi, from her first album 'Easy World'.

7. 龙宽九段 - 没有人会像我一样

A collaboration between Chinese singer Long Kuan and beat-maker Yu San.

8. WordySoulspeak - High All The Time

Three-time Chinese DMC champion DJ Wordy teams up with producer Jeff Liang a.k.a SoulSpeak. They also just released an album.

9. 窦唯 落黄昏

One of producer Dou Wei's earlier productions.

10. Ceezy - A Walk In Winter

Another very talented producer, Ceezy, from Shanghai.

By Cha Cha on January 2, 2012

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