Red Bull Music Academy’s Valentine’s Video Countdown

Today is Valentine’s Day in some parts of the world. Not where we are exactly, but regardless, romance is in the air. Below, we pick ten salacious moments in music to soundtrack your voluptuous voyage – wherever it may take you

The Legend Of O'Mar - The Grandmaster Lover Pt. 1

At least the title is honest. It just so happens that despite the sexual boasting present throughout the full 13-minute, two-part song from 1983, O'Mar might have been exaggerating a little, and "legend" is probably the correct choice of words in this instance. Basically, it is a known fact that he still lives at home with his mother to this very day. But whatever. The "legend is a positive indicator of intense pleasure".

I Am The Lover Man

Superstar & Star - I Am The Lover Man

First of all, the audio is only in the left channel. Sorry for that, but that's how Omaha, Nebraska's Neville aka Superstar uploaded it. Second of all, the video is over 10 minutes of non-stop suburban dancing, so if you can't make it all the way through, no worries. But regardless, the song is an excellent example of indecipherable visions of romance. Stay tuned for a full interview with Superstar & Star coming soon.

Joe Refano - Lady In Red

'Stairway To Stardom' was a New York-based public access talent show that ran throughout the 80s and happens to be a vertitable goldmine of raw emotion. In this snippet, the 12-year old Joe Refano puts a vibrato-laden spin on the Chris de Burgh classic.


Sunsetcorp - Angel

Sunsetcorp is the video-splicing alter-ego of Brooklyn's Daniel Lopatin, aka Oneohtrix Point Never. In this case we get a phased, chopped, and screwed loop of some unidentified song [ed. note - 2011 participant Claude Speeed pointed out it's Fleetwood Mac]. Oh, also, check out Daniel's lecture from the 2011 Academy in Madrid while you're at it.

And Then I Kissed Your Lips

Gary Wilson - And Then I Kissed Your Lips

One thing we love about Gary Wilson is that he keeps it PG-13. He only reaches the proverbial "second base" and keeps his subject matter on kissing. Albeit, kissing a bunch of different girls. Linda, Karen, Debbie, Cindy, Lisa, and Sandy to be exact.

Pineapples feat. Douglas Roop - Come On Closer

God, the beginning of this Italo tune jams hard.

Lee Edwards - Equal Love Opportunity Pt. 1

This one is weird because on the 7", the song is credited to "Clear feat. Lee Edwards", but then on the album it's simply credited to "Lee Edwards". What happened to Clear? Anyways, the message here is one of pure "free love". But we wouldn't advise following all the words without protection.

Emerson - Sending All My Love Out

A complete love song dealing with issues of broken family life and using shipping courier services like FedEx and UPS. And we love the way the keyboard stabs are recorded WAY too loud.

Wendy Vainity - Sex Magick (The Changeling)

OK, even by our standards, this is weird. Set to some new-age raga, we see a CGI avatar give way to her lustful desires with a blue man (don't worry, it's censored), but then things go horribly wrong, ending with a winged-warlock striding around with a crystal orb.

Mysteries Of Love

Julee Cruise - Mysteries Of Love

Julee Cruise's music is so creepy and dark, but at the same time it's so damn romantic. What a perfect soundtrack for cuddling by the fire, slow-dancing and/or huffing nitrous.

By Red Bull Music Academy on February 14, 2012

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