The Dedalo: New Software to Visualize Sound

A recent collaboration between visual artists Quayola, Natan Sinigaglia, and Academy lecturer and musician Mira Calix yields a remarkably immersive audio/visual experience

Dedalo is a collection of custom developed vvvv engines used to generate, exchange and map data between a series of graphics modules for use in a live performance context. A recent performance in Moscow between the visual artists and Academy lecturer Mira Calix demonstrates the results of the Ableton-analyzed and iOS controlled software.

The gist of the program is that users can map specific A/V actions to sound parameters – for instance, control the X-position of a visual element based on a certain frequency range. Instead of simply visualizing the data (as in the iTunes visualizer), users can use the software to manipulate pre-rendered visuals, or create them on the fly.

For a more scholarly breakdown of Dedalo's capabilities, check the description from Creative Applications.

By Red Bull Music Academy on September 20, 2013

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