Video: Various Assets 2013 Infomercial

In the grand tradition of Pure Moods, Time Life’s Treasury of Folk Music and OxiClean, Red Bull Music Academy presents the infomercial for Various Assets 2013 – the only compilation you need to reach for when planning those long nights by the fire with your significant other. In fact, Various Assets 2013 is a collection of tracks that cover every type of relationship status. Looking to rekindle the flame of a long-term relationship? Still in the honeymoon phase? Or are you recently separated, looking for the courage to go out and find the new person to share your life with? It’s all here. And, even better, it’s completely free. Featuring the likes of Sinjin Hawke, Distal, Throwing Snow, Louis Baker, AnnaLove and many more, satisfaction is most definitely guaranteed.

By Red Bull Music Academy on March 12, 2014