Future Instruments 2214

We asked 13 artists, musicians, designers and futurists, including Tyler, the Creator, Jeff Mills and Konstanin Grcic to imagine what an instrument would be 200 years from now, and then asked acclaimed visual artist Kim Laughton to depict the results

Adam Harper – Gan Kim Laughton

Since 1998, the Red Bull Music Academy has brought together forward-thinking minds from across the globe to challenge pre-existing notions of what music can or should be. Music technology and its ongoing conversation with human intelligence has been an integral part of the process – as evidenced lately by the Academy’s involvement with the GiantSteps research program.

As the Academy touches down in Tokyo, we asked some of the brightest and most futuristically-inclined artists of the present to share their vision of what a musical instrument might look like in the year 2214. Between Odd Future’s Tyler, the Creator, Detroit techno pioneer Jeff Mills, award-winning industrial designer Konstantin Grcic and a diverse range of other creatives, their conceptions cover the full spectrum between utopia and dystopia. Acclaimed graphic designer Kim Laughton gave visual form to their ideas, providing us with a glimpse at music’s future through the eyes of those shaping the music and art of today.

Check out the full Future Instruments website here.

By Red Bull Music Academy on November 14, 2014

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