Gallery: Storm Rave

Brooklyn’s recent wave of noisy, abrasive techno owes a massive debt to Frankie Bones, who began throwing massive underground parties in the borough before many of today’s young producers were even born. In the early ‘90s, Bones effectively brought rave culture to New York with Storm Rave, a series of wild warehouse events that played host to thousands of attendees – not to mention a steady stream of world-class DJs – while educating an entire generation about a new way to party. Soundtracked by hard, punishing techno and often taking place in suffocatingly cramped and disorienting spaces, these clandestine all-night affairs only lasted for a few years, yet they left an indelible mark on New York City nightlife.

22 years after the last Storm Rave, we were proud to help bring the event back. True to the spirit of the original series, as part of the Red Bull Music Academy Festival New York 2015 we took over an undisclosed warehouse location in Brooklyn with Bones and an elite crew of fellow New York techno pioneers: Adam X, Heather Heart, Lenny Dee, and Rob Gee.

By Drew Gurian and Maria Jose Govea on May 17, 2015

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