Studio Science: Julio Bashmore

The Bristol house producer takes us behind the scenes of his creative process

After breaking into the UK house music scene in 2012 with his gargantuan summer hit, “Au Seve,” Bristolian producer Julio Bashmore has become a go-to producer for club hits with memorable melodies. In this intimate Studio Science session for the Red Bull Music Academy, Bashmore talks the audience through his working process inside the studio that he wrote his much anticipated debut album in.

As well as detailing some of his favourite instruments – bought after being inspired by Prince, Zapp founder Roger Troutman and the sound of Detroit techno – he invites two collaborators to make a track together, in real time.

In building the beat up gradually with a mixture of software and live instrumentation Bashmore’s technique is familiar to many, but seeing the process is a revealing look at how effective dancefloor sounds come together through collaboration.

By Red Bull Music Academy on July 30, 2015