The city of light through the burning lens of five daring filmmakers

October 20, 2015

In advance of Red Bull Music Academy Paris 2015, Paris Now! is our first foray into fiction film, and it gathers a diverse group of directors that we’ve given carte blanche to explore and examine the creative pockets and reverberations of Parisian culture. These films are not documentaries but demonstrations, personal stories reflecting the breadth of contemporary Parisian creative expression. It’s the perfect outlet for telling the story of a city with so many layers, disciplines, energies and audio frequencies on display.

From voguing to cooking, emojis to puppets, Romain Cieutat, Quentin Dupieux, Dexter Navy, Anne Horel and Julien + Adrien have taken wildly different approaches. Enjoy all five films below.

Découvrez la série sur notre site en français.

RBMA Presents: PARIS NOW! - SAINT (directed by Dexter Navy)

Following his work for A$AP Rocky, the stark images of Dexter Navy’s SAINT are a poem written by and for the city, detailing the rapid creative shifts taking place in a visual style that matches that speed of change. Check out an interview with Navy about the film here.

RBMA Presents: PARIS NOW - Camouflage (directed by Julien+Adrien)

Julien + Adrien set up an intense onstage battle between two artists who share an intense focus and technical approach to their craft, gourmet chef Atsushi Tanaka and modular synthesizer master Etienne Jaumet. Check out an interview with Julien + Adrien about the film here.

RBMA Presents: PARIS NOW! - Realness With A Twist (directed by Romain Cieutat)

Realness with a Twist
ClekClekBoom’s creative video director Romain Cieutat tells the story of a young man searching for identity and acceptance as he splits time between the bland banlieues and the profane thump of the Parisian voguing scene. Check out an interview with Cieutat about the film here.

RBMA Presents: PARIS NOW! - #EMOJINALPARISTRIP (directed by Anne Horel)

Vine and Instagram superstar Anne Horel takes us on an emoji-inspired virtual tour through Paris, absorbing local culture through a computer screen that offers equal ease of access to international vacations and hot dogs. Check out an interview with Horel about the film here.

RBMA Presents: PARIS NOW! - Being Flat (directed by Quentin Dupieux)

Being Flat
Puppets and electro take center stage as director Quentin Dupieux, AKA Mr. Oizo, resurrects his Flat Eric character for this awkward comedy, featuring Steve Little from Eastbound & Down. Check out an interview with Dupieux about the film here.

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