Full Metal Jackets

Photographer Peter Beste introduces his newest metal-themed project

Since childhood I have had a deep love and fascination for heavy metal culture. After finishing college I embarked on my first longterm photo project, which brought me to Norway a number of times over a few years and resulted in the publishing of True Norwegian Black Metal in 2008.

One of the most interesting and personalized elements of visual heavy metal culture that I observed both growing up in the United States and during my time in Norway is the Battle Jacket, cut-off or Kutte. This word ironically derives from the German word for a monk’s religious habit.

Like a monk’s garb, the metal head’s jacket is a revered and highly significant personal item that comes to define the owner’s artistic and even spiritual (or lack thereof) inclinations. After several years of working on other non-heavy metal related photography projects, I recently began to delve back into this world with the goal of creating a photo book documenting heavy metal culture through photographs of this one of a kind piece of clothing. Below is a small selection of this work in progress.

Click the smaller jackets to enlarge and see further jacket credits.

Jake Rogers from Visigoth
Portland, Oregon
Peter Beste
Michael Torres from Nomads
Los Angeles, CA
Peter Beste

By Peter Beste on January 6, 2016

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