SoundLab Asia Pacific 2016

February 3, 2016

Christian Schwanz (AKA Cee) runs The Dusun, a stunning jungle resort in Kuala Lumpur. But instead of using it as a tourist trap, he gives it over to musicians from around the world to use as an oasis of creativity. This January, he invited 13 artists from to participate in an event called SoundLab Asia Pacific 2016. The artists – representing seven different southeast Asian countries, as well as New Zealand, Australia and Germany – took over the resort for ten days and made music together. We sent photographer Lisanne Schulze to the jungle to document the event.

The event was a Goethe Institut, Detour Asia and BorderMovement collaboration, supported by Ableton, KRK and Red Bull. Local studios Mile High Sounds, Greenhouse Studio and Le Koof Music Backline also offered support.

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