The Note

May 10, 2016

The Note is a documentary series that uncovers and examines the vital creative crossroads and engrossing personal journeys that have and continue to shape our sonic landscape in profound ways.


The renowned architect of modern trap music, who also happens to be a devoted church musician, Zaytoven ran a DIY home studio out of his parents’ basement that played host to the early recordings of some of Atlanta’s rawest rap talent.

The Note: Zaytoven

Uncle Jamm’s Army

At the birth of hip-hop and electro in Los Angeles, USA, Uncle Jamm’s Army started out playing high school parties in the mid-70s, and went on to become LA’s most popular dance promoters for more than a decade.

Uncle Jamm's Army: Pioneers of the Modern Party | The Note Episode 5

Disco Demolition: From Riot to Rebirth

At the height of the anti-disco movement in the late 1970s, Chicago rock radio host Steve Dahl devised one of the most infamous promotional events in pop culture history, and in doing so unwittingly set the stage for a dance music revolution. Watch the documentary below.

Disco Demolition: Riot to Rebirth | The Note Episode 4

E.A.T. - Engineers, the Avant-Garde and a Tennis Court

Art and engineering converged in mid-’60s New York City under the banner E.A.T. - a watershed meeting of the exploratory minds of Bell Labs researchers and avant-garde artists like Robert Rauschenberg and John Cage that forever altered our perception of technology’s relationship to art and music. Watch the documentary below.

E.A.T.: Engineers, the Avant-Garde and a Tennis Court | The Note Episode 3

Eddie Palmieri - A Revolution on Harlem River Drive

Inspired by the early ’70s activism of the Black Panthers and the Young Lords, Latin music pioneer Eddie Palmieri produced one of the most daring albums of his already storied career: Harlem River Drive, a politically-charged Latin-funk masterpiece so ahead of its time its influence continues to resonate decades later. Check out the second episode of The Note below.

Eddie Palmieri: A Revolution On Harlem River Drive | The Note Episode 2

Alex Rosner - Shaping the Sound of New York

Our first episode of The Note is centered around NYC soundsystem builder Alex Rosner. He’s the sound architect of countless iconic clubs, but is perhaps most notable for his long relationship with David Mancuso of The Loft. In this intimate portrayal of Rosner, we find out about his fascinating life story. Check out the episode below.

Alex Rosner: Shaping the Sound of New York | The Note Episode 1

Header image © Justin Jay

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