Carl Craig, Tensnake, Tuff City Kids and more Remix and Cover Falco

A selection of tunes recorded in honor of Falco’s 60th birthday at RBMA Bass Camp in Vienna

RBMA Bass Camp

Austrian new wave icon turned international superstar Falco would have celebrated his 60th birthday in February 2017. To honor his legacy, Red Bull Music Academy hosted a special Bass Camp in Vienna from January 23rd - 29th, 2017 under the banner of “Junge Roemer: Eine Woche für Falco.” Besides presenting a plethora of public events throughout Falco’s hometown – including readings, lectures, roundtable discussions, club nights and tribute concerts – we invited a group of producers and musicians to Schloss Pellendorf for three days of recording and remixing.

The artists – among them Detroit techno hero Carl Craig, Austrian house trailblazer Peter Kruder and Viennese songwriting duo Ernst Molden & Der Nino aus Wien – were given unprecedented access to the stems of Falco’s first three albums, working their magic on these classic 1980s recordings. The results are captured on this one-of-a-kind compilation, spanning a multitude of genres, generations and nationalities.

From Tuff City Kids’ dynamic remix of “Einzelhaft,” to Clara Moto and Katharina Pizzera’s atmospheric interpretations of “Jeanny” and “Helden von Heute,” to Austrian band Flut’s tasteful cover of “Auf der Flucht,” the compilation serves as testament to the staying power of Falco’s musical innovations and an artistic influence that persists worldwide almost 20 years after his untimely passing.

“Junge Roemer: Eine Woche für Falco” features (in order of appearance): Flut, Carl Craig, Peter Kruder, salute + Fono, Tuff City Kids, Ernst Molden & Der Nino aus Wien, Tensnake, Plasey (Plastician & Klasey Jones), Clara Moto & Katharina Pizzera, Mirac & RayRay, MOTSA, Janefondas, Mavi Phoenix & Alex the Flipper, Ogris Debris and Oliver Bernstein & Roman Rauch. Original recordings by Johann “Hans” Hölzel AKA Falco, with kind permission by Sony.

By Red Bull Music Academy on February 19, 2017

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