Impressions From the First Ever Red Bull Music Festival in Tokyo

Photo highlights from four weeks of concerts, DJ sets, lectures and workshops

DE DE MOUSE Yusuke Kashiwazaki

Following the amazing 2014 Academy in Tokyo, we were thrilled to return to the Japanese capital from October 22 to November 17, 2017 for the premiere of Red Bull Music Festival Tokyo. Over the course of four weeks, live performances, club nights, lectures and workshops unfolded all around the city. The festival celebrated J-Pop, hip-hop, noise, video game music and much more, featuring key pioneers from the Japanese music scene.

The festival’s lineup featured a diverse range of artists, including psychedelic explorer Keiji Haino, ambient musician Kazuya Nagaya, video game soundtrack legend Chip Tanaka, techno veteran Ken Ishii, Hyperdub boss Kode9, City Pop icon Taeko Onuki, noise maestro Merzbow and Japanese hip-hop godfather DJ KRUSH, amongst many others.

Check out photo highlights from the entire month below, including the Tokyo edition of our ongoing Diggin’ In The Carts world tour.

So Hasegawa
Kazuya Nagaya and Metametric Suguru Saito
Nulbarich Keisuke Kato
Seiho So Hasegawa
Quarta 330 Keisuke Kato
Carpainter Keisuke Kato

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