First Patch

Everything you need to get started making music on electronic instruments in five minutes or less

August 8, 2018
By Red Bull Music Academy

Hosted by former Korg head engineer Tatsuya Takahashi, First Patch is a series dedicated to providing essential guidance to get started making electronic music in five minutes or less. Featuring a range of synths and drum machines, each episode focuses on the basics of a single instrument, emphasizing that all you really need to start making music is that first patch.

EP.1 – Roland TR-808

EP.2 – Roland Jupiter 6

EP.3 – Moog Voyager

EP.4 – Minimoog

EP.5 – Roland SH-3A

EP.6 – Sequential Circuits Prophet 10

EP.7 – ARP Odyssey

EP.8 – ARP 2600


EP.10 – Korg Monologue

EP.11 – Korg Mono/Poly

EP.12 – Korg MS-10

EP.13 – Korg MS-20

EP.14 – Roland TR-909

EP.15 – Roland TB-303

EP.16 – Roland TR-606

EP.17 – Yamaha CS-30

EP.18 – Oberheim Matrix 12

EP.19 – Linn LM-1

Header image © Red Bull Music Academy

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