Remembering the most important nightclubs in the world

Nightclubbing: Hibiscus The Liberian nightclub that became a local favorite and international attraction before its untimely endNightclubbing: Nell’s An oral history of the famed NYC “cultural laboratory”Nightclubbing: Planet X and Liverpool’s Post-Punk Era How Doreen Allen created a beloved goth haven in the port cityNightclubbing: House of God The notorious, long-running Birmingham event dedicated to the sacred and profaneNightclubbing: The Loft An oral history of the community that helped define the ethos of dance musicNightclubbing: Kabal A genre-agnostic, itinerant event forged in Sheffield’s thriving illegal party sceneNightclubbing: Oscillate An oasis of electronic experimentation in Birmingham throughout the ’90sNightclubbing: The Music Institute The seminal Detroit club that gave techno a local platformNightclubbing: The Bronx’s WarehouseNightclubbing: Montréal’s Lime Light The Lime Light and its innovative disco DJ Robert Ouimet made historyHow Danceteria Sent Shockwaves Through NYC’s ’80s Party SceneNightclubbing: Paradox, Baltimore Club Landmark for a Quarter-CenturyNightclubbing: Torn Curtain, Montreal’s Lawless and Best Afterparty SpotNightclubbing: Future Washington D.C.’s first major raveNightclubbing: Tracks The party that brought international attention to vogue and ballroom cultureNightclubbing: Back2Basics Questlove, King Britt, DJ Dozia and more remember the night that birthed the neo-soul movementNightclubbing: Starck Club When ecstasy was still legal, this was America’s most hedonistic clubNightclubbing: The Spectrum How an under-the-radar queer safe space in New York pushed the boundaries of music and art